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Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Assistance in Healthcare. AIH provides financial support for expenses other than non-medical expenses. Funds can be granted for mortgage/rent, utilities, gas/car payments, groceries, childcare, school supplies and various other daily living expenses. With your generous support, we will be able to achieve our goal in bringing hope, dignity and relief to cancer patients and their families.

Find Ways to Donate

Assistance In Healthcare, Inc. relies solely upon fund-raising activities and the generosity of foundations, corporations and private individuals to aid cancer patients and their families. There are several giving opportunities.

  • A gift of any amount will help our cause and make a difference in the lives of a family who may be struggling to make ends meet because of a cancer related illness. Your support is greatly appreciated.

  • There is a way that you can help cancer patients and their families on a recurring basis. By making a monthly contribution, you can make a difference time after time in the lives of families who need your help. Our monthly donors are a special, dedicated group who provide a steady stream of funding for cancer patients and their families’ non-medical financial needs throughout the year. Monthly donors help Assistance in Healthcare realize our mission and vision.

  • Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Assistance in Healthcare is able to help families stay together during times of illness. We are grateful for your support!

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Whether it’s making a donation to help families in need, participating in fundraising events to raise money to help AIH achieve its fundraising goals, or spending some of your personal time to visit patients fighting the good fight, there are multiple ways you can get involved.

Join us in our efforts in helping “our family” by volunteering with Assistance in Healthcare.

Many volunteers with Assistance in Healthcare support the various programs and events put on by our chapter locations across the country. Each program or event supports the mission of Assistance in Healthcare by helping cancer patients who are suffering financial hardship because of their illness. So step up and do a good deed with your time and resources. Get involved in one of our programs or events in your local area.

Assistance in Healthcare Supporters

Because medical expenses can make the road to recovery far more difficult, Assistance in Healthcare (AIH) attempts to pave the way by providing aid to those who have become financially distressed as a result of their courageous fight against cancer. AIH is a non-profit organization whose funding relies solely upon the generosity of foundations, corporations and individuals to help cancer patients and their families. They are able to continue helping patients and their families because of fundraisers and supporters. Browse our Photo Gallery to meet some of our supporters.

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